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Embrace the concept of Gender Intelligence

The idea that men and women think differently is nothing new. But the concept of corporate boardrooms using these differences as a way to improve business is relatively uncommon. However, more and more boards across North America are seeing value in the concept of gender intelligence. This notion embraces differences in the attitudes and behaviors of men and women, works to understand and accept these variations, and uses it to improve board director relationships. With gender intelligence, the different ways men and women interact, solve problems, make decisions and communicate are realized and appreciated, instead of tolerated. By recognizing these variations, numerous benefits emerge. There is more inclusivity within the boardroom, which leads to increased confidence for women to speak up at the table. Engagement between directors of different genders is more effective because there is a better understanding of how each communicates. Individual talents are tapped and the boardroom is more productive and successful. The focus of gender intelligence and its benefits among a greater number of boards is an encouraging step toward more diversity at the table. Although the notion of men and women thinking differently is as old as time, it is about time that the balance has changed. Boardrooms are finally realizing that men and women may be different, but are equally valuable.


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Our Corporate Members
Corporate Members
William Brown
Next Connections Event
Topic: So You Want to be a Corporate Board Director
Speaker: William Brown, SVP at Lee Hecht Harrison
Date & Time: Wednesday, May 21 @ 6 PM ET
Location: Duane Morris LLP @ 1540 Broadway in NYC
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Christie Hefner
WIB Spotlight
Christie Hefner, the Executive Chairman of Canyon Ranch Enterprises and the former Chairman & CEO of Playboy Enterprises for 20 years, will be one of our speakers during our next Virtual Event. Christie has board experience with Rush University Medical Center and CORE Center. She is also the founding member of the Chicago Chapter of Women Corporate Directors.
Join Christie on May 22nd at 12 PM ET, along with Mary Madden, President & Executive Director of the Atlanta Chapter of National Association of Corporate Directors, for our Virtual Event "Board Discussions".  The two distinguished women will weigh-in on what it takes to serve on a corporate board. Click here to learn more about the May 22nd Virtual Event or to register.
Expert advice
View the valuable advice from some of our past Signature Event panelists during these short video clips. A few of the experts featured include:
- Vikki Pryor, speaks about being yourself and why you should serve on a corporate board
- Alexis Glick, talks about motivation for female leaders
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